Witt Sensoric

Jumper boxes, depending on model that enables connecting the Low Power Signal photocell, pedestrian safety,...to the control panel, with coil cable.

The safety light curtain (LIGI) consists of a transmitter and receiver and is suitable for all automatic door types with a minimum door width of 1.6m. The LIGI complies with the following regulations: EN 12978, EN 12445 and EN 12453. The closing speed of the door is to be selected in such a way that the force limit values as per EN 12453 are adhered to. Only objects that are 5mm larger than the beam separation distance can be detected.

Optical Safety Edge compatible with WIRELESSBAND 2OSE system, with an integrated diagnosis system through led, adaptable to the different types of profiles.

The NOCON is a modular system for easy series assembling respectively converting the standard rubber profile safety edge into a non-contact system.

Reflection photocell, distances from 0.5m to 15m, Power supply from 10 - 40 Vdc or 24 Vac +- 25%. Together with a reduced size, the light operation indicators and the easiness of the fine adjustment make it a very versatile photocell and easy to install.

Rubber band designed for the use of optics, frames of 15*38 up until 25*80mm, available with or without aluminium frame and the respective buffers.